ACTION - Lammas 2010

The official newsletter for Alternate
Religions Educational Network

Founded Samhain 2004

Christopher Blackwell: Editor

Bill Kilborn: Web Guy

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1) Circle Cemetery, Eco Friendly and Pagan
Interview with Selena Fox By Christopher Blackwell

On June 16, 2010, Circle Sanctuary completed the final steps to expand their Circle Cemetery to a full twenty acres and to include green burials as well as handling the ashes of Pagans. This is something still very new in our country though the idea of green burials is catching on. So I thought I would interview Selena and get all the facts of interest for our community.

Christopher: How long has Circle Sanctuary existed? How and why did it come to be founded?

Selena: I founded Circle Sanctuary, also known as Circle, in October 1974 at Samhain. The name Circle, its logo, and the concept of having an organization that brought Nature religion people together for mutual support came to me during a meditation.


2) Pagan Pride Project - Pagan Pride Day 2010
Interview with Brian Ewing By Christopher Blackwell

As we move through Summer it is already time to think of Fall and harvest, the results of all of our projects and work. This includes a growing Pagan Pride Day and the group behind it Pagan Pride Project.

I got permission from Executive Director/National President: Brian Ewing for this interview to find out what is in store for 2010.

Christopher: Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how long you have been with PPP?

Brian: I started with Pagan Pride in 1999 by helping to organize the first Pagan Pride Day in Los Angeles. That first event went pretty well and the second event in 2000 was much bigger. I like to think that L.A. has always been one of the largest events, but other events are catching up.


3) Changing Times, Changing Worlds, a gathering for exchange of information and dialogue
Interview with Tchipakkan By Christopher Blackwell

I get contacted by a variety of people and sometimes this leads to interview though sometimes not on the subjects I first suspected the interview would be on.

In our e-mailing back and forth, Tchipakkan mentioned one of the draw backs of many of our gathering and workshops. We can't be building our religions if all we do is to try to prove our religions are real or just have introduction-to workshops. At some point we have to move on to intermediate and more advanced subjects. So I thought that I would find out more about this new conference she was helping to bring together in November.


4) Chakana and the Highland Indians of Bolivia and Peru
Interview with Hilvert TimmerBy Christopher Blackwell

From one of my contacts in Europe, Morgana, I heard about something a bit different, a Dutch Wiccan, Hilvert Timmer, who now works with the Highland Indians of both Bolivia and Peru.

It led to creating an organization Chakana and keeps the him living both in Bolivia and the Netherlands. As a result I was successful in getting into contact with Hilvert to find out some more about what he was up to.

Christopher: Could you tell our readers about about your background? How you became Wiccan. What lead to your choice of your training in University?


5) A Matter of Property Tax Exemption, Phygianum of the Maetreum of Cybele
Interview with Cathryn Platine By Christopher Blackwell

Outside of the hamlet of Palenville, New York, near the town of Catskill, an historic old three story hotel, The Central House is owned by Phygianum of the Maetreum of Cybele. This is a Federally recognized nonprofit Pagan religious organization. As a religious organization trying to create a nunnery for followers of Cybele.

They applied to the Town of Catskill Board of Review for a property tax exemption as a nonprofit Religious organization and got it only to have it rescinded and beinning left in legal limbo.


6) Druid, Trees and Cells
Interview with Dr. Kenneth Proefrock By Christopher Blackwell

Through my interviews, I get suggestions of other people that might be of interest. Thus it was from one Druid, that I had interviewed, that suggested that I look into Dr. Kenneth Proefrock who has developed a process for recovering stem cells from people.

He also had the unique experience of rediscovering a sacred tree of the Aztecs, Seri and then the Hohokam people who had brought the trees with them as they moved north.

Christopher: How did you end up becoming a Druid and how does that affect the rest of your life?


7) Sixties, Psychedelics. Magic, Politics and Writing.
Interview with Donald Meinshausen By Christopher Blackwell

One never knows how one will find a person to interview. Donald Meinshausen seems to have made unite a trip out of life. As I read a bit more on him I thought I would try to get an interview and find out a bit more.

Christopher: Could you tell us a bit about your background?

Donald: I've been told I was a breech birth and therefore I always end up on my feet. I was also told that I cried during my baptism; supposedly because of my allergies and that might be right as I had problems with religion interfering with my breathing freely.


8) By Land, Sea, and Sky - ISBN 978-0-557-49512-2
Interview with author Morgan Daimler By Christopher Blackwell

It was time to get suggestions about Druids in interview. In this case I have found out about an author I had not known about and her book is on its second edition. So I asked Morgan Daimler to tell us a bit about herself and her book and how it came to be written.

Christopher: First could you tell us a bit about yourself? I believe you mentioned being a full-time student. How did you become a Druid and why?

Morgan: Well, I live in Connecticut with my husband and two daughters, and am currently finishing up an Associates degree with plans to go back for my Bachelor's in a few years.



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