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AREN, Alternative Religions Educational Network
A National Pagan Rights Organization
P. O. Box 1893
Trenton, FL 32693

AREN, a National Pagan`s Rights Organization, Expands to Meet the Communication Needs of Today`s Pagans by Seasonally publishing ACTION.

Christopher Blackwell is Communications Director of AREN. Christopher Blackwell, a Pagan activist, experienced Pagan Prison Ministry Counselor, Vietnam veteran, etc., Leads a team of Pagan communications specialists and AREN`s state representatives and officers, dealing with the increased needs of Pagans to better communicate with non Pagans.

Besides the standard internal communications, press releases, white papers, etc., Christopher Blackwell has created AREN`s first newsletter, in e-zine format at first, for planned publication seasonally. Christopher Blackwell invites Pagan related submission for AREN`s newsletter, especially information about human rights, news, festivals, gatherings, handfastings, obituaries, and pro and con Letters-to-the-Editors. Christopher Blackwell is planning to have guest editorials from the many strong and opinionated Pagan leaders in America and internationally. Christopher Blackwell may be contacted at news@aren.org.

AREN originally came to life on 1 January 2000, not as a `new years baby` but as the reorganized rebirth of an exsisting Pagan Civil/Religious Rights Group. Our predecessor WADL, Witches Anti-Discrimination League was founded in New York City on Samhain, October 31 1970 by Dr. Leo Luis Martello, a pioneer in the Pagan Right movement. WADL evolved from a letter writing group to full blooded Pagan Activist Group, actively participating in Pagan Right demonstrations in all parts of the Nation. WADL pursued discrimination cases involving allowing Pagans to wear emblems of their faith in the business workplace, assisted in the presentation of a court case in Lincoln Park, MI to allow a Honor Roll student to wear, openly, the emblem of her faith, assisted in cases in Indiana where discrimination existed in schools, their Attorneys defended Religious Discrimination in a PA custody case, in addition WADL had the first Witch Attorney ever admitted to practice in from of The United States Supreme Court.

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