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We welcome you to the Alternative Religions Educational Network Headquarters Web Site and encourage you to visit often and become an informed member of your Community. We will try to keep you updated on issues of Religious Freedom and Spiritual Integrity throughout the United States. AREN is here for YOU! It is our goal to see that every member of Our Community becomes empowered in their pursuit of Religious Freedom. We can maintain our individual autonomy, as well as work together as a Collective. AREN now issues a call to all Religious Freedom Advocates, and Elders within Our Community...we must join together to insure Our birthright for the generations to come!! To those already supporting Our Community with these endeavors, thank you for your time and energy. For those whom support the ideals of AREN, either in Support or Magick... thank you!! AREN honors our we do the Deity within! Moving forward as we co-create Our Collective Community of the 21st Century...Blessed Be!

"If we suffer tamely an attack on our liberty, We encourage it and involve others in our doom."

~Samuel Adams 1771

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